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Run, Walk or Dance with Linda.

Wortman Lung Cancer Foundations 501(c)(3) non-profit, sponsors HALF M, 10K, 5K and Fun Run races. To raise critically needed research funds with RUNNING LUNGS RACE events.

You are invited to walk or run with Linda!


Join the fight against Lung Cancer.

Support research needed to obtain breakthrough discoveries and remove the stigma associated with lung cancer. Help create an awareness of the amazing cures for lung cancer when properly diagnosed and properly treated. 100% of donations go to Mayo Clinic lung cancer researchers so lives can be saved!

See the amazing results.

Medical results for patients properly diagnosed and treated with lung cancer may greatly improve the quality of life, not only for the survivor but for their families and loved ones.

Linda is living proof that you can survive and thrive when you catch lung cancer in time with early diagnosis and proper treatment.

How Can I Help?

If you’re interested in knowing what you can do to help
support Lung Cancer research & awareness,
donate or register for upcoming Running Lungs